Thought Twenty Six

Technology is the beginning.

The beginning of seeking to attain what the gods themselves know. This is a threat to the very being of the gods. When we become powerful, then the gods are no longer needed, and they become less. As they are worshipped not, they are diminished and become less and eventually nothing at all. For the narcissist sociopathic gods, this is hell. No relevance, no observation, nothingness.

To combat this, civilization would need to be cyclical. All lost and rediscovered over and over again. Over billions and septillions of years. Science is now finding out that memories are actually encoded in our DNA. This makes sense if you want civilization to be cyclic. Recovery would be faster, and experiences would be shared across all time.

As civilization advances, more and more knowledge is stored digitally. Until eventually everything is digital. Books, contracts, money, records, etc.

Because knowledge has been stored digitally, nothing is left once society falls through war, disease, and famine, forcing a reset of civilization.
This is by design (on purpose).
For when you fly too high, too close to the sun (gods), you fall and start over.
To be consumed by these gods.

Interesting and a bit of a scary thought…

Thought Twenty Five

I looked out while I was in line at the Taco Tornado and observed a young woman and man kissing and holding each other in the parking lot. He picked her up, and both were clearly enamored with each other. After a while when they finished their embrace, I thought about myself at that age. For a moment I wished I too had known love like that and had not been swallowed into an unhealthy relationship with a nasty narcissist.
But then I had the thought that I would have been so much less aware than I am today. I would not know the things I do today.
I would not be as grateful as I am today without the hell I have been through.
It changed everything. And as I see my child support coming to an end, the last chain that is wrapped around my ankle removed, I feel free in a way like I have never known.
I am free, and I am awake.

Thought Twenty Three

I was watching a tree get cut down.
The men with chainsaws climbed and cut.
The tree came down in pieces.

After the tree parts had been loaded onto a trailer, the men brought in another large machine. This large hydraulic machine grinder ground the stump of the tree into saw dust. They ground and ground until the stump was more than a foot under the surface of the dirt.
Then they loaded up the machine and drove away.

A couple of days later, I was sitting on the patio, looking at the place where the tree once stood. Feeling the violence that had taken place. In my mind, I justified the death of the tree, but it felt hollow. How the tree had gone from a living breathing being to be ground up into nothingness.
Dirty sawdust.
I felt a bit sad.

Then, behind another large tree, I observed the tree once more.
Observing me as I reflected on its death.

I am glad I chose to watch it’s death and feel that something was lost.
It was observed and it knew it.

Thought Twenty Two

I had a dream.

In my dreams, the colors are so vivid, so crazy high definition, much more so than what I see when awake.
In this dream, there were two black cats sitting side by side on an embankment. They both had very short hair and were at least three feet tall. The hair on these cats was so short you could side the definition of the musculature through their skin.
Both cats were tense, their muscles barely restrained.

Then I noticed a mid to large sized dog sitting a few feet away from them.
He was also tense.

Suddenly to my left, another dog was growling; his lips pulled back showing me his teeth. I knew at that moment; he was going to attack me and bite my face/cheek area on my left side. I could already see the damage in my mind. My thoughts stretched out as I calculated if I get my gun out of my holster and shoot the dog before he bit me on the face.

Time speeded up when I kicked the dog full in the chest with the right sole of my foot. Connecting so hard, the dog flew backward tumbling down onto the concrete.
I woke up and wondered what it meant.

Dreams I believe can possibly be many things.

A message in a bottle.

An experience from another time/existence.

A future that hasn’t occurred yet.

Something else.

Thought Twenty

Watching a close friend’s parenting, I observed from the viewpoint of good parenting only. I failed to include the friend/parents needs in that activity.

Musing upon these thoughts, it occurred to me that perhaps gods are in the same boat. Observing from the god’s wants/need viewpoint and failing to see the individual viewpoint of the person involved.

This would lead to the discussion of “God’s Will.” I have heard this expression many many times throughout my life. In Christendom, it is bandied about much. But what if “God’s Will” is not a good? How are we to know if it is good. When we subscribe to a particular god, we assume that its will is right, moral and what we want. But we don’t really know that.

Gods are fallible.

Just look at the recorded histories speaking of the gods in antiquity. The Greek and Roman gods are full of strife. As are all of the known old gods.

And what of the gods we don’t know of?

We see sociopaths in our societies. CEOs of corporations, serial killers and everyday people walking among us that are sociopaths. What makes us think that the gods themselves are not sociopaths?

They cannot relate to us on a human level any more than we can relate to krill swimming among the billions of other krill in the sea before an enormous baleen whale scoops them up and swallows them. The gods have their agendas that do not align with us, and ultimately they use us as food for continual growth.

Of course, this is assuming a person is willing to peak over the edge of his or her cardboard box and peer into the abyss.

The abyss of knowledge and thought.

Why do you think that in the Christian old Testament, the tree of knowledge is kept from Adam and Eve? To seek that knowledge is to know what the gods know.


Thought Nineteen

Belief systems are like cardboard boxes that we pull ourselves down into. We tape the box together firmly for we fear any other light getting into those boxes. We don’t have to take responsibility once we enter those boxes. We can reside safely ensconced with those mighty cardboard walls. Safe from difficult decisions, not having to worry about our lives. Living life unexamined. Knowing we are doing the right thing because our religion tells us so. Safe to make the same decisions life after life, head in the sand never knowing the difference.

It’s hard to choose to examine your life and beliefs. To see the scary things and continue anyway.

To choose to forget life after life. Some have called it the river of sleep.

No wonder.

If you could see what I have seen, would you be afraid or exhilarated?
Would you choose to walk in the dark, your heart beating with fear, your mind fierce, voice roaring your name?

Our brain and body have the built in bio-construct of fear. We literally can’t help being afraid in our bodies, but our minds can overcome this. We can be fiercely unafraid in our minds and overcome the bio-construct of our biological fear.

Everything we see is an interpretation of our external world based on the mapping we have built over our lifetimes.
Knowing that,
you can choose to be,
choose to see,