Thought Sixty One

What if we are all just insects in our evolution. The way microscopic bugs live on our skin, but we cannot see, nor feel them. The gods would be no more aware of us, than we are of these microscopic creatures that live on us.

In evolutionary terms, perhaps we evolve personally the way some animals do. Random mutations rewarded by nature (as in survival). Perhaps this is our evolution as well. Our organized thought rewarded within these lives or life?

Science is now finding memory is transmitted across generations in RNA. Perhaps some in DNA as well. If that is the case, would it not stand to reason that maybe the idea of reincarnation would be transferred memories between generations?
Perhaps Déjà Vu a form of that as well?

We would be reincarnated if our memories were resurrected in another passed on by generations, making the “bloodline” all the more imperative.

I hate to think it is something so small and simple. I want to give it more depth, to connect in other ways that we cannot. On quantum levels, I don’t begin to understand.
That our organized thought, the part that makes us that us an I, is something that lives on beyond the body and into another existence or evolves into something more.

I like this idea.

As I write this novel that I am working on, the story comes more easily without me even trying. Part of my personal evolution. That would be something.

Getting on a plane, jetting off to the west coast, these things drift through my mind.

IMG_3258 2

Author: Robertus Invictus Maximus

Walking alone, in this the white desert.

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