Thought Sixty

What if we are also evolutionary on the organized thought front as well as a species in the time space of a thousand billion realities?

This would make sense. The very beginnings of the least organized of thought, a synaptic connection in the primitive brain of a small simple creature on this planet. Perhaps bound to this planet until we “escape” it? The limitations placed on us are by us.

That makes sense to me.

It also takes the “god created you, be thankful to him” nonsense off the table. We are always creating gods and more religions that poison and damage us in untold ways. These worshipful religions destroy our societies and destroy free clear independent thought. Narcissistic gods created by twisted belief systems that their believers develop. Twisting them even further.

Knowledge is transmitted across time through myths and stories. Our predecessors take those myths and stories, bind them into some twisted malformed religion and then spank their weak unthinking followers into becoming as dumb as they are.

We must think for ourselves. In this life, we must learn to never trust someone that would have us blindly follow their faith or beliefs.

We must read and learn. Use our minds to think and then talk to others. Travel the world and see for ourselves the beauty of what is.

This is how we evolve.

This is how we become.

I want to love with my whole heart. Be on fire with passions and learning. To throw away the things that bind me and make me become small.

Let your mind wander. Sit still and look out into your world while also looking in. Forgive those that trouble you in your heart and live in today with all that you are.


Author: Robertus Invictus Maximus

Walking alone, in this the white desert.

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