Thought Fifty Nine

I am dusting off these dinosaur bones.

A little at a time, they come to light. A story wanting to be told for the thousand millionth time across history. Out of my mind and through my fingers these stories come as they have all across time.

The same stories told over and over again.

But most are lost on the bulk of us. We choose not to listen. We watch TV, our mouths hung open, our minds closed and drugged by the videos.

We are only here for a brief amount of time. Then it starts all over again, and chances are you won’t remember.

Take chances. In your career, in your life.

Love a woman with your whole heart and worry not if you will be hurt. Because you will be hurt, then you will heal, and know what that means to your heart. Then love her again.

Fight in a war. Put on your armor and guns. Love those around you for you know they will be lost. In battle, in mind, in life.

Sit on a beach far and away. Watch the waves knowing that they are entirely unique and that you will never see exactly the same one ever again.

Get on an airplane, talk to the people around you and learn their stories, for they will be gone far and away and what they say to you may change your life in ways you might not comprehend yet.

Walk through the white sand with the heat of the desert on your back knowing not where you travel, but go there anyway.

The white desert awaits you…



Author: Robertus Invictus Maximus

Walking alone, in this the white desert.

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