Thought Fifty One

I often read, see and hear people speak of wanting to know the future. Destiny, questions of love or careers. Success and failure. Our lives have free will. This is something even the gods themselves cannot change.

In our lives, through our choices that we make moment to bloody stinking moment, our path is forged. Steel struck on life’s anvil, there we are forged to become who and where we are at this moment.

This creates what I call “the most likely outcome” in this reality.

Exposition dump completed, now I move into the thought I had today.

I can see the most likely outcome. From looking at person’s picture to speaking with them on the phone or in person. I often see it in those around me as well as myself. Most of the time I am silent because the act of informing them can influence and change it. Much like in physics where the act of observation changes the observed. Though I write these words, I do not wish to damage someone’s faith or psyche. I simply want to inspire them to think, to search beyond the tip of their nose, to have eyes to see, ears to hear.

The negative side of often being able to see “the most likely outcome” in this reality, is that you choose not to engage.

Why might you ask?

Because it is like knowing the end of a movie you haven’t seen. There isn’t any surprise. It isn’t quite the same level of fun when you know how it ends. Sometimes knowing is sad. Sometimes it is a burden to carry. Not everything in life is happy and rose smelling. Often you can see the hardships and suffering that may await someone.

The gods themselves don’t care. We don’t attract their attention any more than an ant does an eagle soaring high above the earth. Sure, if you are still in mind and body, and listen very quietly, you can almost hear their footfalls. Like the distant sound of thunder after a particularly large rain storm or watching the moon move through a telescope late at night.

Knowing this, I will walk forward alone.

It is simply speaking, easier. Easier for me and my heart. Easier to not be cut and damaged by the eternal dance that we all do. Driven by the biological to distraction. To burn our ephemeral time in discord and compromise. To damage as to be damaged.

I enjoy these quiet contemplative moments, where the thoughts flow through my mind like a river to the sea. There in the sea, I shall abide. The gods and daemons will swim below and above me. I will feel their passing and the shadows they cast. But I will not be afraid, for I am the sea and the sea is I.

Floating gently of thought.



Author: Robertus Invictus Maximus

Walking alone, in this the white desert.

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