Thought Forty Eight

It is said, that if we stare into a mirror long enough, we will see a monster.
We see a monster in the mirror because we are monsters.
Inside of us lurks a heart of darkness just as does a gleaming light.

We experience our reality subtly different from our brethren humans. At the same time, there is an agreed upon shared reality of experience.
When in this “shared reality of experience” we feel the togetherness with others and not alone.

How do you share the experiential you? Can we even do this?

If you could climb into the mind of another, would you? To walk among their den of snakes, the fear, and anxieties that knaw at corners of their mind.
IMG_3254 2Would it be here that you would experience the steel of their will? The strength of choice, the wild abandon of war? Walking with your back straightened and a tightness in your shoulders. Eyes scanning the surroundings knowing this is war.

War of the mind.

For we are all at war within our minds. Steel on steel. Iron willed boundaries against the fear and anxieties built up over a lifetime of trauma.

Your large war hammer gripped tightly in your fist, focus etched on your face. Launching forward swinging that great war hammer to destroy what you have killed so many times before.
The rictus grin of your face, the fire in your eyes, the destruction in your heart.

Screaming you swing…

Author: Robertus Invictus Maximus

Walking alone, in this the white desert.

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