Thought Forty Four

The wisdom of an old tree, the kinship of these plants I chose to care for. These are my reality.

No, my reality is a place far and away.

Where the white sand flows endlessly across a plain that knows no end. I will live a thousand million lifetimes in this second and many more. And of those that say, what madness is this? For this is not madness at all, but instead, experience this life as the gods must. All at once in a beautiful cacophony of life and death. Where worlds are born and die, where each individual spark of what is, touches the beauty of the soul. For there is no end, the night goes on forever as does this day, here in this White Desert.

The smell of the diesel exhaust sears my lungs but refreshes my spirit. The sun burns my forehead as these brass goggles are heavy on my face. A cigar between my teeth as I take another pull. Coffee at my elbow, I think to myself, perhaps this is heaven. For I am where I choose to be. In front of me, the desert stretches forth. I feel the treads rumble beneath me, the deep growl of the engines and I know I am home.

Death is not certain, but life is.

And I will see you there. For we live long and again. The spirit that is us takes us to places we don’t see until we choose to.

I have chosen to. I hope I see you there. In one form or another. Daemon or god matters not. The essence that is you I will always know.

I will walk among you. I will know the limitations and forget who I am. There I will embark on this great and terrible journey. One mile after the next. Changing and growing, reaching upwards and outwards until at last, we become what we were.

Only then to begin again.

Once again, walking alone in this, White Desert.

Author: Robertus Invictus Maximus

Walking alone, in this the white desert.

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