Thought Forty Three

13.7 billion light-years away are the boundaries of the observable universe. Approximately three hundred thousand years before (or less), the “Big Bang” occurred. The dust from the early materials caused the early cosmos to be “foggy” so that’s where the trail ends for us.

Or does it?

To me, this doesn’t seem long enough. My intuition tells me that there has to be something more. More than 14 billion years. Why 14 billion years? The earth is 6.8 billion years old. Now some scientists are stating that the earth may be a second generation planet, caused by two or more “super earth” type planets colliding (super-earth planets have very dense atmospheres not allowing life to flourish). So halfway through our universe (think “Big Bang” universe) our planet was created.

Again, too small.

We think too small. Does this universe as it currently stands have gods that participate in it and it only? Do other “Big Bang” universes exist and do they also have their own sets of gods? Are those universes larger than our “Big Bang” universe? Is there a physics limitation to this? Did physics even exist when the unimaginable tidal forces bent, twisted and tore apart this reality? Where amazing elemental forces at subatomic levels created this our current shared plane of existence?

These are a few things I want to know.

Science is too slow. This knowledge is encoded at the basic building block levels (sub-quark) of the atom. Much like our DNA had all the instructions to build you and me, as well as frogs and cows and fish, Ad nauseam. There is more to this than we think.

Why then do we focus on such small things in our lives? Why do we worry about a ball team winning, on being stuck in traffic or someone cutting in line in front of us? Do we even really care about these things?


I am finding it more and more difficult to.

Life is big. Bigger than the stupid small irrelevant ridiculous pursuits that we engage in. Even this 14 billion light year observable universe is too small for me. I want to know more.

With this in mind, I shall never be bored again.

Strangely, I feel a sense of urgency about this. Is my mind expanding that much? I feel something new. Something good and perhaps terrible.

But definitely interesting. Always interesting…

In another universe much older than our youthful plane of existence, there are humans and other beings in slightly different configurations than us. They live and breath, love and hate, and dwell in the white sand.
There they wait for me.
And you.

Are you afraid?

I am.

File Sep 11, 09 57 32

Here be Dragons…

Author: Robertus Invictus Maximus

Walking alone, in this the white desert.

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