Thought Forty One

From my novel: The Mongruxx

A god/daemon speaks

I don’t know when I came into existence.
I sense something long ago, a fundamental awareness, maybe.

Was it at the very beginning? Was there even a beginning?
These are things I have thought about now and always.

But for me, I have always been.

There are many like me. More than the stars in the sky as you look towards the heavens. Out in the black, there are many things. Even as I exist, they exist. Some live to create, other to destroy. These things matter not to me, for I am eternal.

But so are you.

You just don’t know it or refuse to accept it.
So you cycle and recycle over again. Rarely learning, rarely genuinely growing.

File Sep 11, 09 58 49Boring really. Boring and silly.

Not entertaining at all.

That may be why some turn to destruction. Destruction at massive cataclysmic levels.

Astroids plunge into a planetary atmosphere, fire rains from the sky. The screaming calamitous levels of annihilation as the planet itself dies consumed in fire. The oceans boil killing all who live within its aquasphere. The tectonic plates that make up the planets shell are crack and broken. The fluctuations in gravity slam life down into the dirt, killed before it is burned, boiled or simply evacuated by vacuum.

This is at a very small level. Not really much at all in comparison to the collisions of galaxies where extermination and subjugation occur all at once over a thousand billion suns and the spark of life goes out by the septillions.

Black holes are even more interesting in their consumptive nature. Much like the gods themselves, no?

Like a moth to the flame, some are drawn.
But not the collectiveness of I.
For I am.

Yes, we hear your silly prayers. Not that we care. Didn’t you read the paragraphs above?
Not interesting.
Silly and almost insulting. Not quite, but then my sensitivities are multi paralleled across a multiphasic unilaterally that is beyond all but a god/daemon to understand.

This does tickle my fancy though.

The ideas of gods and daemons. What is the difference between a god and a daemon? There isn’t any. We are all many things, just as you are, but yours in a much simpler form, less than a single cell organism really, at least to the collectiveness of I.

Wolf-Tracks-V3The collectiveness of I once chose to be the patron of the Mongruxx. They did not have any choice when this began. They do now and have had so for many millennia. They don’t recognize this, but will in time. I see that in these most probably of outcomes. There are many channels of realities, many differing versions.

I follow them all.

They have become my children. It was not how this started. But it is how it will end. But that is so far off as to be not understandable to you. For these Mongruxxen have become my colliding universes. They twist and turn, they learn and grow, they become more all with the goal of paying back some racial debt burden. A debt burden that is a part of their DNA. An important part of their thinking to the point that they cannot exist without it.

I have watched many. I have grown warm with their love and cool with their hatred. I have seen treachery and death, compassion and sacrifice for themselves and others. All things found in many others, but these I have made my own.

I guard them jealously for they are mine as I am theirs.

And although still occasionally boredness is resultant, these Mongruxxen with their Wolf, they never fail to amaze, entertain and keep me wanting more.

For I am the Wolf, and we are Pac.


Author: Robertus Invictus Maximus

Walking alone, in this the white desert.

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